About Plantfood & Co. and the Person behind the Name

Sonja Eberhard

Being passionate about Nutrition and Health was the beginning of a culinary Journey for Sonja.

Moving to W.Australia in 1996 changed the life of Australien born and European raised qualified Jeweler and jewelery designer.

Despite her lifelong passion for all types of food & cuisine, sonja's 20 years professional foray into the culinary field coincided with her discovery of live plant based cuisine.

working in various wineries and cafes and then opening her own cafe for 3 years "sonja's healthy & Tasty Foods", gave her the starting point in building her reputation .

The opening of a yoga/retreat/Raw cafe in the southwest of Australia  was the beginning of a new Journey for her.

Leading the kitchen and working with like minded raw talents , was not only a great learning experience but also an opening door to the raw food world.

Wanting a new challenge and a preference being "behind the scenes", she continued to redefine her skills by running Samudra’s production kitchen and , researching and developing new recipes  creating one of the first raw Biolive .products to be launched statewide, raw granolas, crackers, wraps, ice cream, superfood elixirs and tonics and raw chocolates were just a few popular items she worked on.

Being involved with Raw Chef Trainings , retreats and workshops sonja discovered a new passion in spreading her knowledge to people eager to learn and change there ways in improving there health.

Drawing Inspiration teaching with the freshest ingredients to nourish and energize the body , mind and soul would be her key ingredients in teaching those who seek to be taught.

And so a new door opened when she received an invitation to run the yearly certified Raw Chef Training at Radiantly Alive yoga and Rawfood training in Bali 2012 .And so the journey continued for 6 years

Later she helped open  Sayuri Tanaka’s Healing Foods Café in a executive Chef creating there menu and training Staff in the kitchen along with organizing workshops and assisting sayuri’s Raw Chef Trainings as a nutrition Lecturer.

“My philosophy is based on promoting food made entirely from vegan living foods ‘plant foods’. In doing so, I am able to provide the ultimate in pure flavours, a myriad of textures and stunning effects on the body, mind and soul and enviroment.

‘Plantfood & Co’ is a Southwest Australian business that has been specifically designed with the conscious consumer in mind.


I am dedicated to provide:

  • Consultant work and Workshops and appetising culinary creations for people seeking wholesome food solutions.

  • My gourmet creations are vegan and therefore congruent with the philosophy that our food choices help promote a vibrant and sustainable future on our planet.

  • The foods are always of high quality, fresh genetically integral organic and local wherever possible.

  • The foods include: fruit, vegetables in season, sea vegetables, sprouted and germinated nuts and seeds - along with some fermented food properly combined for easy digestion.

  • My food is cleansing, healing and energising.

I firmly believe that the foundation of a healthy mind , body and spirit is derived from what you eat (and think). What you eat is more satisfying when it is in its whole, natural state, designed to promote a healthier lifestyle for you and the environment.

- Sonja Eberhard